www.sayyestoc1b.com – Pre-Approved Credit One Offer


Say Yes to Credit One

The Say Yes to C1B site allows you to accept a Credit One card offer received by mail.  To accept the offer you must need the following items for the mailing:

  • Approval Code from the offer you received in the mail
  • Your SSN #
  • Internet connection

You can also check an open application if you have already applied via the site. If you do not have a mailing offer but would like to apply please click here to apply.  The application process will only take a few minutes to complete.  sayyestoc1b.com is operated by Credit One Bank NA.

Credit One Credit Card

  • Designed for people with poor credit
  • Features Automatic Credit Line Increase Reviews
  • Updates to All Major Credit Bureaus
  • $0 Fraud Liability

The Credit One Bank line of credit cards are made for people looking to rebuild their credit score.  Since most the customers applying for this card have poor credit these Credit One credit cards come with high a Annual Percentage Rate.  The APR varies but usually ranges between 17% to 24%.  The cards also come with a pricey annual fee of $75 for the First year and then $75 thereafter.  These annual fees are billed monthly at $6.25.

Site Summary:

  • allows a customer to accept a Credit One card
  • must have your approval code
  • www.sayyestoc1b.com