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Oxford HealthCare Employees can access payroll and human resource services online.  You will need your log in details in order to access the site.  Once you have signed in you can update your account, view payroll information and check on other work related benefits.  If you do not have a user ID you will have to create one before site access can be granted.  When creating a User ID please select 6-15 characters using only letters and/or numbers… for example “NewUser123”.  When picking a password please note that it WILL be case sensitive, and you cannot use your  user ID in the password.  Your new password must be 8-15 characters in length and contain 3 of these 4 items: UPPERCASE characters, lowercase characters, numbers, symbols.

You will also have the opportunity to receive your tax statement electronically.  If you do so please note that you agree to the following:

  1. You will be notified when your form is available
  2. You will need to download a pdf file and print your form; it will not be emailed to you.
  3. You will not receive a paper/postal copy
  4. This registration will be carried over from year to year unless you choose to withdraw your consent.
  5. You may opt out at any time by returning to this site and selecting the “Delivery Options” menu option.

Oxford Healthcare strives to provide individuals of all ages with help to stay at home and not be admitted into a nursing or retirment home.  The company is based out of Missouri and monitor clients vital signs and other health information daily with a telemonitoring system exclusive to Oxford Health.