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My Exxon Mobil Customer Drink Survey

A free drink from Exxon Mobil is provided to all customers who successfully complete the Exxon online survey.  To take the Exxon Mobil Consumer Satisfaction Survey you will need the Store Number and 6 digit survey number from your invitation or receipt.  The store number should be 6 digits long and be in the following format “store # 123456”.  Once you have completed the survey you will be presented with a redemption code.  Please write this code down on your receipt or invitation and present it on your next visit for a free drink.  A few things to note in relation to the free drink/survey offer:

  1. The free drink is only valid at the original location of service
  2. The survey can only be taken within 5 days of purchase when using a receipt
  3. The coupon MUST be used within 14 days after survey completion

The survey is operated by the Exxon Mobil Corporation and any questions or concerns about the survey site can be directed to:

Attn: Customer Relations
Box 1049
Buffalo, New York 13209

Exxon Mobil

  • American multinational oil and gas corporation
  • Founded in the year 1999
  • Based out of Irving, Texas
  • Can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol XOM
  • Over 70,000 employees

The Exxon Mobil Corporation is considered the number one oil & gas company and the world’s third largest company by revenue.  Previously they have been incorporated under the names Exxon, Mobil and Esso.  Today the firm is known as Exxon Mobil as a result of a merger between Exxon and Mobil in 1999.  It is estimated that Exxon Mobil produces around 3 percent of the world’s oil.  Key rivals to the company include Chevron Corporation, ConocoPhillips and BP.

Site Summary:

  • Allows a customer to take a survey and return receive a coupon code for a dree drink at participating Exxon Mobil gas stations
  • The 6 digit survey code/location will be required
  • www.myexxonmobilvisit.com