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About McDonald’s Voice Customer Survey

The MCDVoice site allows you to take a customer survey in regards to your most recent visit to McDonald’s.  The survey should only take a few minutes to complete and at the end you should be rewarded with a promotional prize.  To take the MCDVoice survey you will need the following information from your customer receipt:

  1. McDonald’s store number
  2. KS number
  3. Date and Time of your visit
  4. Order number
  5. Total amount spent in dollars

Once all the above information has been provided you will be asked a serious of customer service question related to your visit.  The answers will be sent directly back to that particular McDonald’s in order to help them improve on customer service and satisfaction.  The MCDVoice survey site is operated by the Service Management Group in association with McDonald’s.  All information you provide during the course of the survey will only be used to improve customer relations and will never be sold or marketed to a third-party.


  • The world’s largest Fast Food restaurant
  • Founded on 5/14/1940 in San Bernardino, California
  • Mail: McDonald’s Corp. One McDonald Oak Brook, IL 60523
  • Phone: 630-623-3000

The world’s most popular hamburger restaurant was actually founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a barbecue restaurant in 1940.  A year later in 1941 they decided to change it to a hamburger stand using production line principles.  The real change came when a Mr. Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent in April of 1955.  Mr Kroc ended up buying the company and started the modern McDonald’s that we know today.  McDonald’s first filed for a U.S. trademark on the name “McDonald’s” on May 4, 1961, with the description “Drive-In Restaurant Services”.  Besides the United States McDonald’s also operates in Europe, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Canada, and Latin America (pretty much everywhere in the world).

McDonald’s offer a variety of menu items to include food items (to include breakfast), soft drinks, coffee, and other beverages (all non alcoholic).  A typical meal will cost around $3 to $5 US Dollars.  Popular menu items include:

  • The World Famous Big Mac
  • Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers
  • McNuggets
  • French Fries
  • The Quarter Pounder

The world-famous Big Mac features a sesame seed bun, two beef patties, American cheese, “special sauce” in the form of a hybrid Thousand Island dressing, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickles, and onions.  The Big Mac was introduced nation wide in 1968 but the city of Pittsburgh receive an early sample in 1967.

McDonald’s is known for their “Golden Arches” which features a overlapping double arched “M” symbol logo.  Key competitors to the firm include Burger King, Taco Bell and Wendy’s International, Inc..

Site Summary:

  • allows you to take part in the McDonald’s customer survey
  • requiresinformation from MCD customer receipt
  • www.mcdvoice.com